The Association of Loading and Elevating Equipment Manufacturers


Within many of today’s fast-paced warehousing and logistics operations, the humble ramp continues to prove itself as a highly efficient and versatile piece of equipment.

ALEM members offer a range of yard ramps and heavier duty dockboard ramps to speed loading and unloading operations in applications where a height differential and/or a horizontal gap exists. The types and sizes of available ramps include small, lightweight models – walk and van ramps – designed for pedestrian and small load access into vans where no loading bay is available. These are complemented by mobile container loading ramps which are ideal for enabling fork truck access into HGVs and freight containers. For more demanding applications, a variety of heavy duty dockplates and dockboards is used to access HGVs from loading docks.

Many of these ramps, or derivatives of them, can also be fixed in place to be used as wheel risers, or for access to raised floor levels. Also, depending on the application, ramps may be supplied with optional features. These include integral dockboard safety side curbs to prevent equipment and vehicles leaving the ramp plus fork truck lifting handles to assist movement and positioning.

All ramps manufactured and installed by ALEM member companies carry the CE mark and are independently tested to ensure that they meet the latest European standards and directives.

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