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Platform Lifts for Disabled Access

Enclosed platform lifts are often used in public buildings and private homes to provide safe movement for wheelchair users or people with mobility problems. ALEM members supply and install a range of platforms lifts that meet current accessibility legislation.

They can often be accommodated easily, using existing space (for example in an open area or in the centre of an existing staircase, or externally alongside the building’s wall). As this type of platform lift has its own enclosed liftway it requires little or no building construction work. Also, depending on the model, the lift can accommodate more than one passenger and/or wheelchair allowing movement between several floors. The platform can be either “open” or in a fully enclosed cabin, each moving within its own enclosed liftway. Open models are operated by “hold to run” controls whereas enclosed models feature automatic, one-touch, controls similar to a conventional passenger lift. The maximum permitted travel speed is 0.15 metres per second and all lifts are within the scope of the Machinery Directive and the technical standard EN 81-41. Other platform lifts are designed to move between two levels only. Typical installation of this lift type will be alongside an existing, short internal staircase or external steps, to allow access to the building with a wheelchair, or by people who have difficulty using steps. Suitable protection in the form of sides, doors or guard rails are incorporated and space can be allowed for a carer to accompany the user.

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