The safe and easy passage of goods, equipment and personnel into, out of and within buildings is essential to the smooth running of every organisation.

Consequently, in industrial environments, such as loading bays, warehouses and factories, the choice of doors and door systems can be crucial. ALEM member companies have the technical expertise to ensure that customers receive the best advice in choosing the most appropriate doors for every situation. Their extensive ranges include conventional sectional doors, high-speed doors, rolling shutters, insulated sectional overhead doors, roller shutter fire doors and double-action doors. Part of the door selection process involves consideration of the best activation system, including manual, induction loops, photocells, radar, radio or infra-red transmitters and presence detection. These activation methods can be complemented by the incorporation of safety features such as audible alarms plus traffic and warning lights. In all instances, the advice takes into account the need for absolute safety especially in those instances where powered equipment such as fork trucks and tow trucks are using the same doorways as pedestrians. Of course, having advised on the correct door system, ALEM members also offer structured maintenance and servicing plans supported by teams of fully-trained service engineers.

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